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I graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry with a minor in Chemistry. I worked for a research lab for a year before medical school. At Bastyr University, I learned how to use my scientific knowledge to help people. I find it very rewarding to improve the lives of patients on a daily basis using a field of medicine that integrates current scientific research, a respect for nature, as well as, a healthy dose of common sense.

I enjoy the outdoors in my spare time; drawing upon a sense of adventure instilled in me from an early age that allows me to be aware of what a journey life is. I look forward to helping you navigate yours.

I am very interested in the complex interactions between our body and the environment. Whenever possible I strive to use therapies that work with the natural biochemical processes of the body and avoid interrupting, masking or suppressing them. Many life stressors and chronic conditions can alter the normal processes of the body. In addition there are many toxins and other harmful substances present in the food, air, and water around us. The finely controlled balance of the body’s numerous intricate systems can be disrupted, excessively stimulated, or damaged as a result long term exposure to these external factors. This may have many impacts on your health including: a disruption in hormone levels, changes in memory and mood, and it plays an increasing role in obesity as well as in many other chronic diseases. I enjoy guiding patients on how to optimally as well as safely restore balance to their health.

Special Interests
  • Primary Care/Proactive Health
  • Chronic Disease
  • Age Management
  • Environmental Medicine
  • Men’s Health
  • Infertility
  • Craniosacral