Step 1: Check your insurance
We accept many insurance companies. You are responsible for understanding your coverage.  Please check with your insurance prior to your first visit. A form is attached to the intake form below to help you with important questions you should ask your insurance company regarding coverage.

Step 2: Make an appointment

Call us at 425-361-7945 to book your appointment.

Step 3: Fill out REQUIRED forms (VERY IMPORTANT)

Please download and complete the intake and consent forms.  Please fill out the required forms PRIOR to your visit and return these completed forms to our office 1-2 days before your appointment so we can maximize your visit. You will not be seen if you show up at your appointment time without your paperwork completed. 

Intake Form

Release Form

Step 4: Directions
Please visit the contact page and familiarize yourself with our locations.
Step 5: What to expect
First Visit (50 minutes): In this first visit, a detailed history will be taken and a physical exam may be performed. We will start you on a health program that fits your unique needs.

Follow up Visit (20-25 minutes): We will ensure that you understand and follow through with your treatment plan. We will address questions and adjust treatments. We will modify or add specifics to your unique program to maximize your healing.

Check In Visit (15-20 minutes):  We will follow up with your progress, check in on any potential struggles and see if any new issues have come up.