Promote and support regeneration of tissues, nerves and other structures. These therapies support regeneration so that pain resolves.

Interactive-icons-info3Neural Prolotherapy (Lyftogt Perineural Injection Treatment)

This treatment is used for acute and chronic pain. This treatment is focused on nerve injury (nerve inflammation) that is causing your pain conditions. Restoring balance to pain/stiffness/discomfort due to neurogenic inflammation.

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A proliferating treatment that relieves pain and support stabilization of structures with laxity. Laxity of structures can cause pain and even be frustration when adjustments and manipulative therapies are not holding. For more information visit

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Interactive-icons-info3Ozone Restoration (Prolozone)

A proliferating treatment that restores tissue function and oxygenation. Improve and cushions joint function. Repairs function and removes pain.


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Interactive-icons-info3Trigger Point

A treatment specific to relieve muscle tension “knots”. Relieve muscle tension and improve blood flow and remove pain.

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Interactive-icons-info3Neural Therapy

A treatment to address pain, scars and nervous system disruption. This therapy can help bring a state of balance back to the body.


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Interactive-icons-info3Platelet Enriched Plasma

Using platelets provides many growth factors (chemicals) to signal the body to initiate a healing response. Optimal support for tendon injuries, ligament injuries and repair of certain aging processes.

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Cellular Regeneration that is useful for pain and chronic health conditions. Provides nutrients for tissues regenerate.